Gestation of a new life

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Chinese Lunar Year is coming soon. Traditionally, we always go abroad as a family; therefore, the kids are asking where we are going to visit this year. And funny enough, they have made a plan already. Oh my god, my kids are really growing up. HOWEVER, there is something different this year. I told them that we couldn't go on holiday for long like in the past. It's because we have to be responsible to new member in our family - me100fun - as well as our customers. I told my kids that we brought life to "me100fun"; therefore, we need to spend time taking care of this new born baby. We have to make sure that it is sprouted in a healthy way. Actually, we have put in a lot of effort from the beginning of the concept, choosing the name and the decorating, the opening... Maybe you can sense the feeling if you are lucky enough to be a parents. If you are still a kid, please make sure that you give your mummy and daddy a big, big hug to say thank you for their unconditional love and unlimited caring.

Furthermore, I would like to say thank you to those who were so confident in my concept. My family and friends contribute not only in money wise, as well as putting effort in it. From the day of the opening, so many customers and friends kindly provide lots of valuable suggestions. Now, when I look back, the process of the development of "me100fun" is just like bringing up a kid. To be honest, I would like to let everyone knows that you are more than welcome to provide ideas and suggestions no matter it is something that we didn't do well in the past or something that we can start thinking about in the future. This "kid" is still growing. I really hope that this "kid" can grow up with everyone of you. Thank you very much for your supporting.

Finally, I would like to thanks Hong Kong Economics Times Newspaper and Pre-school Magazine. Because of their professional comments and reports, the name of "me100fun" spreads so quickly. Not only that, it helps our new customers understand more about our concepts and products. This is just flatted the path for my little "kid". That's why I have to say thanks to these two organizations once again.

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