To my child

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Many years ago, I heard a radio presenter read a passage, which touched me deeply.  I would like to share it with you today.

Child, when you were still little, I spent a lot of time to teach you how to use a spoon and chopsticks to eat.  I taught you how to lace your shoes, button up your shirt, slide down a slide.  I taught you how to get dressed, how to comb your hair, how to wipe your nose.  How I miss these bits and pieces with you.  Therefore, when I can’t think, and can’t find words, give me a little time.  Wait for me a bit.  Let me think.  It’s very likely that in the end, I’ll forget everything that I have meant to say.

Child, have you forgotten the first nursery rhyme that we had practiced a hundred times? Do you still remember how every day you came up with all those questions that only God knows where they came from that you made me think so hard to answer?  So, when I repeat myself, telling the same old stories time after time, humming the songs from my childhood, be generous to me, and let me lose myself in these memories.  I wish from the bottom of my heart that you would be here, chatting away with me.

Child, now I often forget to button up my shirt, or lace my shoes.  I make a mess at supper, and my hands shake involuntarily when I comb my hair.  Don’t urge me.  Give me a little patience and tenderness.  As long as you’re here with me, there is warmth in my heart.

Child, now my feet are not steady,  and I can’t even walk.  So, please hold my hands tight, stay with me, slowly, just like all those years ago, when I held you as you walked, step by step.

Your Mum and Dad

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