適當的運動對兒童的影響The impact of suitable exercise on children

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100分叔叔有一天在灣仔摩理臣山游泳池遇見一位游泳教練,眼見他對著正在學習的小朋友非常細心,小朋友面上掛著開心和自信的笑容,最難得是連陪伴小朋友的媽媽陳太太,都對這位教練也讚不絕口。 100分叔叔忍不住和他談上幾句,看這位老師年紀輕輕,原來已經4 年游泳教導經驗。 向他問到有關小朋友最佳學習游泳的年齡時,何SIR說 : 「在種種運動當中,游泳這一項運動對於兒童發展的幫助最大,我會認為小朋友在 6 歲開始學習游泳是最好的,因為在這年紀的小孩已經可以明白教練的指示。」談到游泳的益處時,何SIR說:「游泳除了是屬於帶氧運動外,對於身體的衝擊亦是最小,是一項老少咸宜的運動。 同時可以培養健美體態,在運動的過程中作出全身性的伸展可幫助骨骼的發展。又可以加强心肺功能,增加肺活量及血液含氧量,減低或消除氣喘等氣管毛病。」


原來游泳不僅對人們身體有益 ,對兒童成長都會有正面的影響,何SIR說 :「 現今社會中,都市人往往因為工作而忽略運動這一環。 運動不單在成年人生活當中擔任一個重要角色,更加是兒童成長發展中一個不可或缺的重要因素 。在習泳過程中,兒童一方面學懂團體及體育精神外,還可增強自信心及集中力,對於學習或面對困難的能力有莫大的幫助。 另一方面,透過反覆練習,可磨練意志及鍛練毅力,並且可以强化手腳協調能力及肌腱的柔韌性。 亦可同時增加兒童的抵抗力,從而減低患病或受傷機會。」

再問及他有很多小朋友也會怕水,有些又會比較頑皮,用什麼方法可以令小朋友如此合作呢?何SIR輕鬆地回答 : 「事實上,我也遇到過很多小朋友怕水的情況。其實只要耐性,再加上一些分散注意力的方法,例如水中呼吸、水中浮身等有趣動作,那麼問題便不難解決。至於頑皮的學生,他們其實是很可愛的,只要多去了解他們,與他們成為朋友,他們便會和你合作的了。」

最後,何sir強調 : 「總括而言,游泳對於兒童發展有著不少益處,除卻身體上的幫助外,還可以同時照顧兒童的心理發展。所以選擇游泳這一項帶氧運動,對於兒童成長發展中實屬當然之選。」100分叔叔也同意,小朋友除了課本外,亦必須有著健康的身體。不過,選擇什麼運動,也必須要顧及小朋友的興趣啊!

[TRANSLATE : One day, Uncle 100fun saw a swimming coach at the Wan Chai Morrison Hill Swimming Pool.  I saw that he was very attentive and caring for the children learning to swim, and the children smiled happily and with confidence.  The best was that even Mrs. Chan, the mother of one of the children learning to swim, also praised the coach.  Uncle 100fun could not help chatting with him.  This young teacher already had 4 years of experience as a swimming coach.  When I asked him the best age for children to learn to swim, Mr. Ho said, ‘amongst different sports, swimming is the most helpful to children’s development.  I think that the best time for children to start learning to swim is when they are 6 years old.  This is because children at this age can already understand the instructions of the coach.’  When speaking of the benefits of swimming, Mr. Ho said, ‘apart from being an aerobic exercise, swimming also has the lowest impact on the body, and is suitable for all ages.  One can train up a healthy body at the same time.  And during exercise, the whole-body stretching also helps bone development. It also strengthens cardio-pulmonary function, increases lung capacity and the oxygen level in blood cells, and reduces or cures trachea diseases such as asthma.’

Swimming is not only good for the body, but also makes a positive impact on children’s growth.  Mr. Ho said, ‘in modern society, urban dwellers often ignore sport due to work. Sport not plays an important role in adult life, but is an indispensible part in children’s development.  In the course of learning to swim, children learn about how to behave in a group.  Their confidence and concentration are enhanced, which helps tremendously in their capacity to learn and to face difficulties.  On the other hand, through practicing repeatedly, their will and persistence are trained.  The hand-leg coordination and muscle flexibility can also be strengthened.  Children’s immunity can also be enhanced, which in turn lowers their chances of falling ill or getting injured.’

When asked what tricks he had to make the children so cooperative, when so many children are afraid of water and some can be quite naughty, Mr. Ho answered, ‘In fact, I have met with situations in which children were afraid of water many times.  As long as you have patience, added with some ways to distract the child, such as funny movements like breathing in water and floating in water, the problem can be solved quite easily.  As to naughty students, they are in fact very cute.  Just get to know them more, become friends with them, and then they will work with you.’

Finally, Mr. Ho emphasized, ‘In sum, swimming has many benefits on children’s development. Apart from bodily help, it also contributes to children’s psychological development.  Therefore, swimming, an aerobic sport, is a natural choice for children’s development.’

Uncle 100fun also agrees that apart from books, children must also have healthy bodies.  However, no matter what kind of sport, don’t forget the children’s interest!]

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