Alphabet Suitcase

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For ages 4+ You’re all packed for learning fun! Just grab your suitcase, it’s already filled with a variety of early literacy resources and activities. All-in-one set reinforces phonemic awareness, letter sounds, handwriting and alphabetical order. Uppercase and lowercase cards are color coded (vowels red, consonants blue).
     • Suitcase
     • 52 die-cut alphabet and picture cards
     • 15 write & wipe activity cards
     • Activity guide 

Suitcase measures 7.25”L x 11”W x 2”H
Grades PreK+
Common Core State Standards: Language, Reading Foundational Skills
Learning Styles: Visual, Tactile

Skill Development: 

Language- Provides support for early vocabulary development through pictures. 
Fine Motor- Write & wipe feature allows students to practice proper pencil grasp while strengthening hand muscles for school work.

Organization- Divided suitcase provides a designated place for organizing activity cards separately from the letter and picture tiles. Portable for on-the-go use!

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