Edison Create Bundle(2 Robot + 1 Edcreate+ 1 Edmat)

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Edison 2+1 創意建築套裝(2 Robot + 1 Edcreate + 1 Edmat )

FREE EdMat (worth HK$88) will be given to you if you buy this 2+1 set (while stocks last)

About Edison Robot Details:


About EdCreate Details:


The EdCreate system can be used with Edison robots to complete five EdBuild projects:

  • - the EdTank,
  • - the EdDigger,
  • - the EdRoboClaw,
  • - the EdCrane, and
  • - the EdPrinter.

EdBuild – EdTank

The EdTank is actually two builds in one: the basic EdTank and the complete EdTank with rubber band cannon.

The basic EdTank uses one Edison robot which can be programmed to drive forwards,

backwards and spin right or left using barcodes and a TV or DVD remote control.

The complete EdTank includes a second Edison robot which controls the firing of the rubber band cannon.

Difficulty rating: 1 [EdTank (basic)] 2 [EdTank (complete)]
Recommended age: 8+ 
Programming skills needed: Barcodes and remote control

EdBuild – EdDigger

The EdDigger is a remote-controlled excavator, or digger, with a scoop that you can drive around (forwards, backwards and spin right or left).

The digger scoop of the EdDigger can lift or lower and can carry small objects, such as parts from the EdCreate kit.

Difficulty rating: 2
Recommended age: 8+ 
Programming skills needed: Barcodes and remote control

EdBuild – EdRoboClaw

The EdRoboClaw is a remote-controlled articulated robotic arm. You will be able to drive the EdRoboClaw forwards, backwards and spin it right or left.

You will also be able to open and close the claw to pick up and carry an object, such as one of the EdCreate beams.

Difficulty rating: 3
Recommended age: 8+ 
Programming skills needed: Barcodes and remote control

EdBuild – EdCrane

The EdCrane is a remote-controlled crane with a magnetic hook which you can raise and lower.

The magnetic hook of the EdCrane can lift or lower small ferrous-metal objects, such as metal paper clips or small screws, as well as the metal peg from the EdCreate kit.

The metal peg can be attached to one of the parts from the EdCreate kit, such as a 3-hole beam, and used with the magnetic hook.

Difficulty rating: 4
Recommended age: 10+ 
Programming skills needed: Barcodes and remote control AND EdWare OR EdPy

EdBuild – EdPrinter

The EdPrinter is a pen plotter which is run using two Edison robots programmed using EdPy.

By attaching a writing utensil, such as a felt-tip pen, inserting paper into the base of the EdPrinter,

and using a set of basic functions in EdPy, the EdPrinter can be programmed to create a range of different shapes.

Difficulty rating: 5
Recommended age: 12+ 
Programming skills needed: EdPy

See the youtube description https://youtu.be/FdeLKYV0Dq0

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