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303661 HABA - 搖擺國王

  • 在這裡,小遊戲專業人士可以扮演小偷的角色,展示細緻的感覺
  • 當利奧國王睡覺時,他沒辦法看管銀具,玩家可以趁機嘗試用細棍將游戲板下的銀塊取出來
  • 如果收集到了*多的銀子而不被利奧抓到,就贏得了勝利
  • 誰搖得太厲害,喚醒國王,他的守衛會用因熟透而變爛的番茄砸他
  • 訓練注意力、精細運動技能和敏捷度
  • Here, small game professionals can play the role of a thief and show meticulous feelings
  • When King Leo is sleeping, he can’t take care of the silverware. Players can take the opportunity to try to take out the silver nugget under the game board with a thin stick.
  • If you collect the most silver without being caught by Leo, you will win
  • Whoever shakes too hard, wake up the king, his guards will smash him with tomatoes that have become rotten due to their ripeness.
  • Train concentration, fine motor skills and agility



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