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- A Turbulent 3D Stacking Game Fun for All Ages (Made in Germany)

Rhino Hero is back on the job! And this time his superhero friends Giraffe Boy, Big E. and Batguin join him. Together the superheroes build a dizzyingly tall skyscraper. Will they manage to climb up the many levels of the skyscraper? Only if if was built carefully, and the heroes have a steady hand. Don't get ahead of yourself; battles can quickly send you back down to the bottom. Secure the superhero medal and stop the mean, hanging spider monkeys from disturbing you – it's the only way to be the winning superhero!

Tips: The game can be made more difficult by having the game board show less than 10 build points. At the start of the game arrange the three base pieces however you want. If only the red starting points are shown then there are only 5 points and you have chosen the most difficult starting setup. ... and/or by only allowing only one hand to be used for building. And it's even more difficult if players are only allowed to use their less dominant hand!

The game is more varied if you combine it with the original game "Rhino Hero"(item no. 004789). The walls from this game can be used as short walls. And if you use the additional Rhino Hero figure you can play with 5 players!


Preparation : Position the three game boards so that the round yellow “build” points are face up. Place the three game boards in any order, in a row in the center of the table. Shuffle the floor cards and deal three cards to each player. Players hold the cards privately in their hands. Place three more floor cards on the table face up and create a face-down draw pile with the remaining floor cards. The short and tall walls are kept handy. Each player chooses one of the superheroes and places it in front of them. Spare superheroes are placed back in the box. Get the dice, spider monkeys and superhero medal ready.


Play in a clockwise direction. The player who is the best climber can start. A move consists of 6 action points: 1. Build! 2. Spider monkey attack? 3. Climb the skyscraper! 4. Super battle? 5. Superhero medal? 6. Draw another floor card The individual action points:

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