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Discover the perfect recipe for number learning fun with the LeapFrog Number Loving Oven.

Designed for aspiring chefs ages 2 years and up, the Number Lovin' Oven comes with 16 fun ingredients and plenty of learning baked in.

Get number skills cooking with the sassy, singing oven-30+ songs and phrases warm up counting, sharing and vocabulary skills.

Little ones can move the number slider to learn about time and temperature, cut food into 2, 3 or 4 equal pieces to build math skills,

and press the Chef's hat to count and sing along to lively songs. Opening and closing the oven door activates delicious phrases about cooking and sharing.

Number Lovin' Oven comes with all the ingredients kids need for hours of pretend-play fun.

Fry an egg in the skillet-and hear real sizzle sounds! Bake up bread, a pizza and cupcakes on the baking tray-the light will blink off when the food is ready.

Slice and serve treats onto plates with the spatula to share with a friend or parent.

Cleaning up is easy when children are done-everything fits inside.

Product Features:
* The perfect recipe for number learning fun, with 16 toy pieces included.
* Over 30 phrases and songs warm up counting, sharing and fraction skills.
* Move the number slider to explore numbers, time and temperature, count along with the blinking light and more.
* Teaches Counting, Parts of a Whole, Sharing.
Ages 2+ years.
Product Dimensions (in inches):15 x 9 x 5.3
Includes 3 x AAA batteries

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