LeapFrog - Rainbow Tea Party

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Attend a tea party with a magical twist with the LeapFrog Musical Rainbow Tea Party, a 10-piece tea party set designed especially for children.

Turn the tea time play ritual into an inspiring activity with this colorful set which features a magical teapot that lights up in six rainbow colors and plays fun learning songs!

Explore skill-building activities like early vocabulary and counting, while developing social skills like sharing, taking turns, manners and more.

The Musical Rainbow Tea Party features over 50 songs, phrases and tea party sounds.

  • •10-piece set lights up in six colors and features songs and surprises 
  • •Tip the teapot to see it light up, hear fun sounds and see the ""tea"" move realistically 
  • •Teaches colors: Naming colors gives children words to describe themselves and the world, fostering language development 
  • •Teaches matching: Matching like objects develops logic and reasoning skills that foster early math and literacy development 
  • •Teaches social skills: Social skills help children act appropriately in different situations, as they learn to use manners, share, and show respect for others 
  • •Teaches counting: Children learn to count and compare sets of objects What's Included 
  • •Teapot •Two teacups •Six cake pieces •Cake plate •Parent guide •Instruction book

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