Math Egg Carton Games

Math Egg Carton Games

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Take a crack at early math skills and color identification with this delightful center game. Provides a kinesthetic learning opportunity as children shake the carton, see where the eggs land and solve problems Targets 11 math skills: number recognition, addition and subtraction of 1- and 2-digit numbers, analog and digital time telling to the half-hour, coin and bill recognition, size attributes and shape identification Features 7 different double-sided, write & wipe Activity Cards, including 1 blank that allows you to create your own games on each side Includes 20 multi-color plastic eggs Offers 6 game play ideas in Activity Guide Works with wet-erase marker

For 1-4 players

Sturdy plastic egg carton stores all components and measures 13"L x 5"W

Grades PreK+

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