Sensory Marble Maze

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Strengthen finger muscle and sensory development. Improve focus and concentration

Babies learn through senses. They are relying on touch or tactile sense to experience the world.

The Sensory Marble Maze features 3 soft mazes, each filled with 1 marble.

Children need to use their fingers to push forward the marble along the twisting path till they reached the other end.

Such action will reinforce children’s finger muscle, eye-hand coordination, improve their focus and concentration.

This toy is also useful for children with tactile defectiveness as the continuous tactile input will help desensitize their tactile senses.

Lizard: 33cm x 16cm 
Owl: 22.3cm x 22cm 
Fish: 18cm x 20cm 

Includes: 3pcs/set (Lizard, Owl, Fish - each 1 pc)

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