Shape Puzzle Eggs

Shape Puzzle Eggs

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me-1904 形狀配對蛋

Material: high quality non-toxic plastic

1)Same size as real eggs,inside eggs with different shape.Baby can't eat in the entrance, you can rest assured for your baby to play independently.
2)Made with high quality plastic, fine processing, colors are soft and bright
3)Edges are smooth without burrs, absolutely won't hurt young baby tender hands.

Method of use:
1. The pairing: put eggs to be half and half, let baby assemble fully eggs back
2. The collision: put a few eggs together, let baby play freely, hit each other

All kinds of shapes and colorful symbol, let baby fondle admiringly. Improve the ability of baby recognize graphics,

inspired baby's hand-eye coordination, training baby reaction ability, can improve the baby's intelligence.

Packing: each set with 12pcs half part eggs

Quantity: 12pcs half eggs/lot=6 full eggs

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