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Simulation of Moon Phase Formation


1. A preliminary understanding of the causes of the phases of the moon, and fostering their spatial imagination.

2. Cultivate students' practical ability.

[Event preparation] Equipment: a ball with a diameter of about 35cm represents the moon, in fact, a 30cm ball represents the sun.

There are two causes of the moon phases:

1. The moon itself is not luminous or transparent, but it can reflect sunlight;

2. The relative positions of the three members of the Sun, Earth, and Moon are constantly changing, so the illuminated part of the moon as seen by observers on the Earth is constantly changing, resulting in different apparent shapes.

[Activity process] Put a designed moon phase demonstration map on the table, with the earth in the middle, and the moon's orbit on both sides. The student at the center assumes that he is standing at the North Pole, and another student holds the moon model around. The "circle" of the circle counterclockwise (note: during the "circle of the moon", its diurnal hemisphere must always face the direction assumed by the sun's rays), then the classmate at the center can observe the change of the moon's circle.

related information:

Crescent (the first day of the lunar calendar, the sun) 0 degrees

Emei Moon (usually from the second night to the seventh day of the lunar calendar) 90 degrees

First quarter moon (around the 8th day of the first lunar month) 90 degrees

Gradually full moon (nine to fourteenth day of the first lunar calendar) 90 degrees to 180 degrees

Full Moon (Looking at the Sun, around the 15th or 16th day of the lunar calendar) 180 degrees

A waning convex moon (16th lunar calendar to 23rd lunar calendar) 180 degrees to 270 degrees

Second quarter moon (around the 23rd day of the lunar calendar) 270 degrees

Waning moon (around the 24th day of the lunar calendar to the end of the month) 270 degrees to 360 degrees

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