What's In A Square?

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Box measurement : 49 x 25 x 8cm

Creative's range of educational board games are a superb way of developing a range of academic skills by fun play, they are all made to the highest quality and each has its own specific aims as to the areas and skills they develop

The matrix games in What's In A Square have been devised so that through active and constructive play children can learn to classify, first according to one and then according to two properties at the same time.Whilst playing the games children are developing many abilities, from being able to pay attention, follow instructions, concentrate and remember to abilities at a more sophisticated level, such as setting their own objectives, anticipating results and solving problems independently.

In general terms the aims of the What's In A Square games are to help develop in children the mental powers listed above whilst having fun and enjoying the game. A full comprehensive instruction manual is included that details and explains the ways all ten games are played.

  • An exstended set of 10 graded games based on matrixes
  • Designed to develop the ability to group and classify according to colour, shape, size, and number
  • Research and development by Dr Dina Stachel
  • Full detailed teaching manual included
  • Suitable for individual and group play for ages 5years and up

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