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家裡的小朋友日漸成長,發覺他們每分每秒都在尋找新鮮事物,小小的腦袋裡, 常常不停地想著一些天馬行空的問題。 作為家長的我,真的很希望令他們得到世界上所有的知識;於他們吸收力最強的童年,趕快把最好的全給他們,做一位100分的父母。 不過!自己也曾是小孩,很清楚小孩子總是愛玩耍、愛自由、至於書本?? … 哈哈!!! 所以,我會建議用一些富有教育性及益智性的玩具來引發小孩子的興趣,滿足他們的求知意欲。 益智性的玩具不但可以培養小孩子各方面的智能,而且還可以激發起他們無盡的潛能。 可是,市面上有關這類玩具的專門店不多,難道要自己設計那樣的玩具嗎!?

一天,心裡突然出現了一團不知從何而來的熱火,把原本用來收租的舖位收回, 決定把它變成一個親子樂園,或許有些朋友會把它看成[生意],但我卻會把它視作小朋友們的會所,原因是… 店舖內大部份都是市面上少見的益智玩具,而每類產品也經過我們的精挑?選,希望提供給家長及小朋友們一處舒適的地方,一起選擇和試玩玩具,喜歡的才把它買回家。 因為畢竟每位小孩都是一個獨立的個體,他們都擁有自己的喜好(尤其是進入成長反叛期的小孩子),由他們來選擇自己的玩具,是最好不過的了! 有家長陪伴著孩子試玩,小孩子會玩得特別開心和滿足,親子關係自然便建立起來。 我看見每個人都拿著自己喜愛的玩具離開,好不高興,真的有點兒感動!

事實上! 相信家長不願意讓自己的孩子到玩具店購物,原因並非金錢問題,而是建設性問題,在家長眼中大部份玩具都是沒有建設性的、浪費時間的。 但是我希望每一位走進我100分店裡的朋友,可以有一種不一樣的感覺。 或許這就跟我們的名稱一樣,可以同時利用玩具去滿足家長及小孩子100分的需要,放心和小朋友達到100fun開心?目標,既可以加強親子關係,又可以增進智能方面的發展,但又不會過於死板。 不過!現時公司剛起步,所有東西亦只是在設計階段,希望儘快能夠達到初步目標。 希望大家能多多支持,如有任何寶貴提議可直接email to給我,謝謝!

My kids are growing gradually everyday. I found out they are always curious about new things and keep thinking some incredible questions with their little brains. As a parent, I really wish I could give them all the knowledge in the world during their early childhoods, since it is their best time to absorb and digest new things. As I give them all the best things as fast as I could, I would be a 100-point-parent! However, as I was also a kid, I totally understand that kids always love to play and to be uncontrolled. For reading books.., ha-ha! So, I recommend to use some educational and intellective toys for inducing and satisfying the interests and curiosities of kids. Intellective toys are not only able to train up the intelligences in all respects for kids, but also able to arouse their endless potentials. Nevertheless, since there are only a few intellective toy-related stores available in the market, should I design these toys by myself!?

One day, something fired me up from my heart and I got back my store which was being rented for rental. Then I decided to change the store into a parent-kid paradise. Perhaps some of my friends would think it is a business, but I treated it as a clubhouse for kids. The reason was because my intellective toys are rare and each item were carefully selected. I wish to provide a comfortable place for parents and kids and let them to choose and test-play the toys together, and they can buy it only if they like it. After all every kid is a independent individual, and they like to choose the things they want (especially when they enter the rebellion period). It is a perfect thing if they choose the toys they like! Having parents accompany their kids to test-play the toys, and kids will be playing even happier and more satisfied. Then the good relationship between parents and kids is developed. I am so happy and touching when I see everyone who brought the toys they like from my store!

As a matter of fact, I believe many parents don’t like their kids shopping toys. The reason is not about the money but about the constructive issue. In the eyes of parents, most toys are not constructive and wasting time. But I wish everyone who shop in me100fun would have an unique feeling with our store which is matched with our company name. Our goal is using toys to satisfy the maximum needs of parents and kids and let parents to feel free to have 100 funs with their kids. As a result, this doesn’t only improve the relationship between parents and kids, but also improve the intellective development of kids in an interesting way. Anyway, since my company was just started and many items are still in the stage of designing period, I wish my preliminary goal would be achieved as fast as I could and you will be supporting me. If you have any valuable suggestions, please send to me by email to, Thanks!

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